Methods of payment

For your convenience, almost all your on board purcheses are charged directly to your Sail & Sign account. The required form will be sent to your along with your travel documents or it is a part of the Fun Pass.

The Sail & Sign account can be activated either by credit card or by cash.

The following credit cards are accepted on board Carnival: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners.

For cash accounts, the following minimum cash deposits are recommended:

  • 2-4 day cruise: $100 per person
  • 5-8 day cruise: $200 per person
  • 9 day cruises: $350 per person

Please note that the currency on board is US dollars and that no money can be changed. There will be automatic teller machines where you can draw money. But be aware that the supply of money could be depleted by the end of the cruise.

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