HAVE FUN. BE SAFE. - Health and Sailing Update

Carnival Cruise Line's HAVE FUN. BE SAFE. protocols and procedures have been developed in consultation with our medical experts, and they are designed to be effective and adaptable as the current public health situation evolves. We will continue to operate vaccinated cruises as defined by the CDC, including having our crew fully vaccinated. By doing so, Carnival is able to provide the optimal guest experience while at the same time protect the health and safety of our guests, crew, and the communities we visit. Until further notice, all our operations will meet this standard so that we can successfully restart our operations and maintain the confidence of the destinations that we visit and deliver on our itineraries and guest experience. To provide you with the best possible cruise experience, vaccination against Covid-19 is mandatory on all our cruises.

Please note important current information and regulations in this regard:


- Fully vaccinated against Covid-19 guests will still be required to provide proof of vaccination status at embarkation, but will not require proof of testing on cruises up to 15 nights (excluding cruises to Canada, Bermuda, Greece & Australia)
- Unvaccinated guests are welcome on all cruises up to 15 nights (except cruises to Australia) without restriction, but will need a negative Covid-19 test result (PCR or antigen) no more than 3 days old to embark.
- Guests under 5 years of age (USA departures) or under 12 years of age (Australia departures) are exempt from the testing requirement for unvaccinated guests.
- Destination-specific vaccination and testing requirements continue to apply for cruises of 16 nights or more.

Regulations for sailings until September 05, 2022


Vaccination standards

- A person is considered fully vaccinated if he or she has received the final dose of a Covid-19 vaccine approved by the WHO and the U.S. health authorities at least 14 days prior to the departure date and can provide proof of this.
- We recommend that you carry both your digital vaccination certificate (e.g. CovPass app) and the conventional yellow WHO vaccination certificate as proof.
- Please log into your booking online immediately after booking confirmation and complete the Vaccination Survey in your To-Do List. If you have not completed the Vaccination Survey, your booking may be cancelled.
- Exceptions from the vaccination requirement: in individual cases an exception from the vaccination requirement can be requested. Please contact us personally for this.

Vaccines and vaccine combinations accepted on board Carnival Cruise Line:

  COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturer: Also known as:
1 Pfizer: 2 Doses Comirnaty / BioNTech
2 Moderna: 2 Doses Spikevax
3 Johnson & Johnson: 1 Dose Janssen
4 AstaZeneca: 2 Doses Covishield / Vaxzevria
5 Sinopharm: 2 Doses  
6 Sinovac: 2 Doses CoronaVac
7 Mixed doses: Pfizer (1 Dose) + Moderna (1 Dose)
8 Mixed doses: AstraZeneca (1 Dose) + Pfizer (1 Dose) OR Moderna (1 Dose)
9 US itineraries only: Novavax clinical trial participants who can confirm that they received the full 2-dose series of the active COVID-19 vaccine.

*Exceptions to the above may apply to itineraries that sail to ports where certain vaccine combinations are not accepted.

- We strongly recommend that all persons over 16 years obtain a COVID-19 booster vaccination when eligible but it is not mandatory. Mandatory booster vaccination with mRNA vaccine for all guests 12 years of age and older whose second vaccination has already been administered more than 6 months prior to departure on Carnival Splendor cruises on Sept. 6, 2022, as well as with Carnival Pride and Carnival Celebration on all 2022 European sailings.
- For children under 5 years of age, it is not necessary to request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for departures after 03/01/2022.

Testing standards
- Upon embarkation, you must present a negative Covid-19 (PCR or antigen) test result in addition to your vaccination certificate.
- The test may be taken no more than three days prior to the departure date. For example, for a Saturday departure, a test taken from Wednesday will be accepted.
- No mandatory testing for vaccinated travelers on 3, 4 & 5 night cruises from/to the U.S.
- Information on testing in the USA can e.g. be found on Quest Diagnostics‘ homepage.
- For departures in the U.S., on-site testing can be provided at the terminal for a fee of USD 100 per person until further notice. Due to limited availability these tests are required to be reserved and paid in advance through the following websites:
o    Baltimore, Galveston, Long Beach, New Orleans & Charleston: https://www.docgo.com/carnival
o    Miami, Port Canaveral & Tampa: https://rapidcruisetesting.com/
- Australia cruises: for all departures from Sydney and Brisbane, a maximum 24-hour negative Covid-19 antigen or maximum 72-hour negative PCR test result must be presented at embarkation.
- Cruises to Bermuda & Canada: a negative Covid-19 antigen test result no more than two days old or a negative PCR test result no more than 72 hours old must be presented for embarkation.
- Exempt from the testing requirement is anyone who has recovered from Covid-19 within 3 months prior to the departure date and can provide proof of the following:
o Positive test result (electronic or paper, in English) from a certified laboratory no older than 90 days prior to departure date.
o English recovery certificate with issuer's name/address/phone number and confirmation that isolation can be completed at least 10 days after the positive test result and travel may begin. Certificate must include date of positive test and name consistent with passport/travel documents.
o Permission to embark is subject to medical personnel.
PLEASE NOTE: convalescent status does not exempt from proof of vaccination certificate for embarkation
- On cruises to Bermuda, a certificate of recovery does not exempt you from the testing requirement


To do before your cruise

Please complete the following ahead of your cruise by logging in to your booking (https://www.carnival.com/profilemanagement/accounts/login):

-    Please complete your vaccination survey immediately after completing your booking.
-    Please complete the Online Check-In 14 days prior to departure.
-    Please complete a health questionnaire 72 hours prior to departure.
-    To verify your vaccination and testing certificates already prior to embarkation, we recommend to upload these documents through the „VeriFLY“ app (available in the App Store/Google Play Store) with your booking number.
-    For Alaskan cruises, please also register your vaccination certificate and details of your trip on the Canadian government's "ArriveCan" portal.



Further regulations onboard

- We highly recommend guests wear face masks while indoors, and when in large congregate events outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are highly recommended during the entire embarkation and debarkation process (except where required by local authorities) and while on public transportation in a U.S. port. When going ashore, guests must be prepared to follow all local guidance regarding masks and physical distancing. The status of local guidelines will be shared with guests prior to debarkation at the destination.

- Desinfection: Please help us maintain a healthy onboard environment by using the hand-washing sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers at venue entrances and in high-traffic areas throughout the ship.

- Safe shoreside experiences: Vaccinated guests may participate in Carnival-operated tours and independent sightseeing. It will be necessary to follow the health protocols for every port we visit, which are under the control of local authorities and subject to change without prior notice. Guests must come prepared to follow local guidance pertaining to mask wearing, physical distancing, testing/health screenings, etc.

- Quarantine standards

  • In the event guests are in close contact with or exposed to any guest or crew member who tests positive for COVID-19, or display any symptoms for a COVID-like illness during the cruise, they and their close contacts will be required to undergo additional testing and may be required to quarantine in their stateroom until our medical team determines it is safe for them to resume their cruise activities. Guests who are quarantined on board will receive a pro-rated future cruise credit equal to the number of days in quarantine.
  • If guests traveled by air to join their cruise and test positive at embarkation and are not able to cruise – or test positive during the cruise – they and their close contacts may be required to quarantine before traveling home.
  • For guests who must quarantine locally, Carnival will help make quarantine arrangements; however, all related expenses will be the guests’ responsibility.

Please also consider the CDCs general regulations and recommendations for cruises:

All regulations are subject to changes at short notice adapting to the situation ashore as well as health authorities’ recommendations and regulations. We keep all booked guests updated about any changes for their upcoming cruise.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details on our measures.

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